Polyurethane Lining

Sheet Linings

  • Standard size: 2400x1200mm
  • Largest: 3000x1350mm
  • Thickness: 5mm – 100mm
  • Indicator: 2/3 Blue 1/3 Yellow
  • Epoxy/Glass backing plate
  • Flexibility for rounding
  • Easy to cut and install

Chutes & other Applications


Ribbed Skip Liner


Block Pads Lowest TCO installation

  • Modular – Standard Size: 305x305mm
  • Selective maintenance, lower TCO over long term
  • No drilling of holes (optional)
  • Flow directional: Eliminates ‘fine material’ ingress behind liners
  • Very low skill level required for replacement

Impact Bar

  • Versatile: Cross or with flow
  • Impact zones & Velocity Breaker
  • Lifter bars in mills / drums
  • Dead boxes for large ore bodies (>50mm)
  • Fixed on top of liner (PU or Steel)
  • Existing holes & Aluminum rail
  • Square washer with sliding bolt

Pocket Liner Dead Box Liner

  • Size: 610x610mm
  • Reinforced ribs
  • Fine material (<35mm)
  • Easy to install
  • Replacement to rail line


  • Screen deck discharge
  • Reclaimer bucket discharge
  • Belt transfer chutes
  • Spoon chutes
  • Deflector plates

Bolt & Nut

  • Traditional, requires drilling of holes in steel chute application

Stud Welding & Nut

  • Reversed fixing
  • No drilling of holes required
  • Concrete chute applications


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